iFOS® Managing Consultants, LLC

Small Business Administration (SBA) Set-Aside Program

Government contracts can be set aside for iFOS® under the following certification programs and socio-economic categories:
Depending on your requirements, you may order iFOS® professional services as a WOSB set-aside contract. The 8(m) program was developed by the SBA to allow socially and economically disadvantaged firms with expert capabilities equal access to business opportunities. The SBA enters into contracts with federal procuring agencies as the prime contractor, subcontracting the actual performance of the work to 8(m) companies. The 8(m) procurement cycle is significantly faster than any other means of contracting. When using the 8(m) contracting method, a program manager may simply select a firm as a suggested source and request that the procurement be pursued under the 8(m) program. As a reminder, the anticipated award price of the contract currently must not exceed the $4 million threshold.